Default theme (panel)

Andrzej ndrwrdck at
Wed Nov 30 13:08:24 CET 2011

On 30/11/2011 20:00, Mișu Moldovan wrote:
> If you need the Xfce panel to look different than other GTK+ apps,
> please kindly do that for yourself, it is possible!

Misu, thank you for your input. So, so far there are 2 votes against 
this idea. Unless some people in favor of it weight in, I'll take it as 
"no". Which is fine - not implementing a feature is far easier than 
implementing it. :-)

My take on the UI consistency is different. Consistency brings 
simplicity, which is good, and harmony, which is pleasant. In this case, 
changing color themes has no impact on simplicity (we still use Gtk) and 
we can obtain a pleasantly looking desktop with other means, for example 
by matching colors of active title bars and the pager.



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