[Solved] Re: Center lower panel?

Gilbert Sullivan whirly.gig at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 25 01:36:55 CET 2011

On 11/24/2011 04:45 PM, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 24.11.2011, 16:19 -0500 schrieb Gilbert Sullivan:
>> On 11/24/2011 03:26 PM, Christoph Wickert wrote:
>>> Am Freitag, den 18.11.2011, 12:30 -0500 schrieb David:
>>>> I have created a 2nd panel that is 'Launcher count sized to fit' that
>>>> contains 6 'launchers' that I have placed at the bottom of the screen.
>>>> But I can not seem to get it to 'center justify'. The Help says that
>>>> placing it on the right, left, or bottom should automatically center it.
>>> I had the same problem and had to ask Nick because IHMO the solution is
>>> everything but intuitive:
>>>      1. Create a panel and push it to the bottom/top/left side/right
>>>         side of the screen.
>>>      2. Try to center it and then carefully drag it along the edge.
>>>      3. When you have hit the middle, it snaps and stays in the middle.
>>>         It will also be centered if you are using different screens and
>>>         resolutions.
>> I seem to be unable to evoke this self-centering behavior on my systems
>> (Debian testing). I wonder if specific configuration options may come
>> into play?
> None. I just created a second empty panel and followed the steps as
> described above. I did not go into the panel's options dialog.
> Tested with xfce4-panel 4.8.6 on Fedora 15 and we are not patching the
> package to do something special.
> It's a little tricky though, the snap area could be a little bigger I
> think.
> Regards,
> Christoph

Thanks for that information, Christoph.

I'm using the same version of xfce4-panel, but it certainly doesn't seem
to be presenting me with a snap-to area, no matter how assiduously I
try. Slightly different defaults or a bug in the Debian testing
implementation, perhaps?

It's nice to know how it's supposed to work. I'll try some other systems
using Xfce at work on Monday to see if they're different.


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