Applications Menu - Network Category Label Changed to Internet

John Marshall john.marshall at
Fri Nov 11 10:29:42 CET 2011

I spent ages trying to find what changed the Applications Menu's Network
category label from 'Network' to 'Internet'. A kind gentleman on the
freebsd-xfce mailing list directed me to...

  /usr/local/share/desktop-directories/ I was able to work from there to discover that the change had been
introduced in garcon 0.1.9.

Not everybody runs Xfce on a personal machine connected directly to the
Internet. For some of us, the machines live on an Intranet with no
Internet connection and applictions in the Network category connect to
services on the local network (not the Internet). No big deal, I just
think 'Network' was a much more appropriate label. Easy enough to fix,
once you know where to fix it!

I just thought I'd post this here in case there are other folks trying
to track down what changed their menu - and where to fix it.

John Marshall

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