Slight Recent Change in File Choice Dialogs in Xfce 4.8

Gilbert Sullivan whirly.gig at
Tue Nov 8 22:58:54 CET 2011

This is a minor point, but somewhat of a usability issue for me -- well,
more a tiny annoyance than a real usability issue.


I am in an application and hit <Ctrl>-O to open a new file. The file
chooser dialog which appears has recently started showing something it
didn't used to show -- Search and Recently Used categories in the left
pane of the dialog -- above the stuff that I actually want.

My methods of working don't make it useful for me to have these two new
"Places" forced upon me. I try to keep my hands on the keyboard. I can
navigate to the lower set of of locations (User, Desktop, File System,
etc.) by hitting <Shift><Tab> twice and then using the down arrow, but
it takes a number of keystrokes that I didn't use to have to bother
with. I'm used to being deposited at the user home location.

Is there a way to turn off the presentation of these two items (Search,
Recently Used) in these dialogs -- or, alternatively, to simply cause
the focus of the chooser to be at the home user directory location? I've
been looking in Thunar settings and in the configuration files for
various parts of Xfce, but haven't come across anything at all that
seems to apply.


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