No borders anymore / cannot switch between applications

Michael Orlitzky michael at
Fri Nov 4 21:01:24 CET 2011

On 11/04/11 14:34, Thomas Furnari wrote:
> Hi. I've also run into to this. (Running Debian Squeeze/Wheezy)
> xfwm crashes at login. This happens so often, I've put an application
> launcher on my panel so I can just click it when it happens.
> Deleting ~/.config/sessions/ had been suggested somewhere as a fix,
> but it hasn't been successful for me. It will fix it by restoring
> defaults, but there's no guarantee it won't happen again. In fact, it
> does. At least a few times a week.
> I suspect there something somewhere in the Debian implementation that
> is causing xfwm to crash, but I have no idea what. I've installed
> Debian and closely related distros (like LMDE and #!) and they have
> displayed similar behavior. Ubuntu, however, doesn't. At least as far
> as I can tell.

It's been happening on my Gentoo laptop, too, since the latest update.

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