Smart placement

Warren Block wblock at
Sun Jun 19 21:01:48 CEST 2011

Smart placement generally does what it should, but could it be a little 

Consider a full-screen browser window.  Open xterm in a new window. 
Smart placement puts it in the upper left corner, covering the most-used 
part of the browser.

Open another xterm.  It goes under the first xterm, covering more of the 
left side of the browser window.  Again, the next most-used part of that 
window.  The next window would go in upper center, then lower center. 
Top to bottom, left to right.

If smart placement could be configured to go in the opposite order, 
bottom to top, right to left, smartly placed windows would be less 
likely to cover the most-used screen space.  The first smart-placed 
xterm would be in the lower right, then upper right, then lower center, 
upper center, and so on.

Whether a user would want this could depend on how their screen 
scrolls, which might depend on locale and language.

For the Window Manager Tweaks/Smart Placement screen, this might be done 
as a couple of additional dropdowns:

Smart Placement Order
   Vertical: Top to bottom/Bottom to top
Horizontal: Left to right/Right to left

(Codewise, this should just change the origin and signs of the offsets, 
but I haven't looked at it.  And things generally aren't that easy.)

Trying to summarize, a smart placement option to go in the opposite 
order could use the least-valuable screen space first.

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