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Sat Jul 23 11:19:03 CEST 2011

your program.

Also, I don't know if it is still a problem or was fixed, but got
me good a while ago.... when editing the Style/icon path statement 
in your xfwmrc file, hit the end key and make sure there is no spaces
on the end of the line. If there is, it won't read the line properly.
Like I said, I reported this, so don't know if it's still a problem.


On 15 Dec 2002 20:19:37 -0800
Jack Coates <jack at> wrote:

> Finally getting tired of looking at gear icons for stuff I use all the
> time...
> I have launcher buttons defined for machines I use a lot like so:
> aterm -title Machine -name Machine --transparent -fg grey -tint green
> +sb --shading 40 -e ssh -l username machine
> I also have a basic "open a terminal" button like so:
> aterm --transparent -fg grey -tint blue +sb --shading 40
> My basic open a terminal button iconifies correctly as a
> CheckMarkMonitor with the word "aterm" under it.
> My SSH windows iconify as gear icons with the word "ssh" under them --
> the title and name flags only take effect in the title bar of the aterm.
> I've edited ~/.xfce/.xfwmrc like so:
> Style "ssh"	icon "/usr/X11R6/share/xfce/icons/CheckMarkMonitor.xpm"
> with no effect. Interestingly enough, these don't have any effect either
> (both apps iconify as Gears:
> Style "*gtk-gnutella*"  icon "/usr/X11R6/share/xfce/icons/gnutella.png"
> Style "*GnuCash*"   icon "/usr/share/pixmaps/gnucash/one-euro.png"
> editres says it can't get a tree from aterm... where to next?
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