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Sat Jul 23 11:19:03 CEST 2011

       Depth  depth
              This entry specifies what colour depth the  Display
              subsection  is  to be used for.  This entry is usu=AD
              ally mandatory, but it may be omitted in some cases
              providing  an FbBpp entry is present.  The range of
              depth  values  that  are  allowed  depends  on  the
              driver.   Most  driver  support  8,  15, 16 and 24.
              Some also support 1 and/or 4, and some may  support
              other values (like 30).  Note: depth means the num=AD
              ber of bits in a pixel that are  actually  used  to
              determine  the  pixel  colour.   32  is not a valid
              depth value.  Most hardware that uses 32  bits  per
              pixel  only  uses  24  of  them  to hold the colour
              information, which means that the colour  depth  is
              24, not 32.

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