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Sat Jul 23 11:19:03 CEST 2011

application does, the server should *not* crash.

If xfwm crashes, it will try to restart itself so you don't loose your
work. This does not always succeed however, but in any cases xfwm tells
you that it has crashed and the messages doesn't look like the ones
you've reported.

So my vote goes to the X server.


On Mon, 2002-05-27 at 19:13, Collins wrote:
> I just encountered a problem while running  xfce (first time ever)
> that lead to an X server crash.
> Here's the background.  I have a four desktop setup with numerous
> windows active on each desktop (restarted at xfce start) including
> sylpheed, xdaliclock, gkrellm, mozilla, and a couple of aterm windows.
> At the time of failure I had in addition to these a pygtk window open
> but idle, and I was testing a python function to parse parameters in
> one of the aterm windows.
> I don't know exactly what lead up to this, but the cursor changed to a
> hollow cross, and I was unable to get a response to clicks anywhere
> (panel, taskbar, or the aterm from which I was working.
> I thought to change to another virtual console and kill the server,
> but when I entered CTL-ALT-F3, the X server crashed with the following
> info
> pgetbl_ctl: 0x13b0001 pgetbl_err: 0xb038000
> ipeir: 0 iphdr: 0
> LP ring tail: 8 head: 0 len: 0 start 0
> eir: 0 esr: 0 emr: 3d
> instdone: ff7b instpm: 0
> memmode: 5 instps: 0
> hwstam: 9ac7 ier: 0 imr: 9ac7 iir: 0
> space: 65520 wanted 65528
> Fatal server error:
> lockup
> I'm using xfce 3.8.18 (plus taskbar extension from CVS) with X
> 4.2.0-r9 and gtk+1.2.10-r7.
> Is this likely to be an xfce problem, or should I report the server
> crash to xfree or gtk+?
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