Focused window follow me when I switch workspace?

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Tue Jan 4 15:31:42 CET 2011

2011/1/4 Bjørn T Johansen <btj at>:
> I have just installed Fedora 14 using the XFCE spin and I am experiencing one strange thing...
> When I switch workspace, the window that had focus on the previous workspace, follows me to the new workspace...
> I have looked and tried different settings but I can't seem to be able to switch this "feature" off, what am I missing?

Any window or just sticky ones?

Sticky windows will appear to "follow" the active workspace in the
pager, but that's due to the was libwnck pager acts (our pager used to
show the stick windows in all desktops).

But that's the pager only, the behavior and functionality hasn't changed.

So first check if your window is "sticky". Or do you have some
devilspie or similar devil's tool set up that would explain such


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