Gmixer in panel (looks different)

John Coppens john at
Fri Feb 25 17:40:52 CET 2011

On Thu, 24 Feb 2011 21:42:23 +0100
Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac at> wrote:

> On Thu, 2011-02-24 at 16:08 -0300, John Coppens wrote:
> > First, when still using xfce 4.6.x, I didn't like that I have to click
> > on the panel-plugin to get to the mixer program. The previous
> > incarnation allowed to change volume on the panel icon itself, which
> > was more practical.
> It still works in 4.8.

Thanks for the hint on 'xfconf'. Installed and now mixer compiles.

There is still no way to change the volume without having to open the
actual xfce4-mixer application. In 4.4.x, this was possible, and with
the generic-slider plugin it is, too. Wouldn't it be possible to add
this to xfce4-mixer?


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