Which VoIP program do you use?

Al Bogner xfce at ml093.pinguin.uni.cc
Fri Feb 18 15:17:31 CET 2011

I am having troubles with VoIP programs. The strange thing is,
everything works partially with different VoIP-apps. I tried twinkle,
which works with UMTS only, if it is used with a DSL-line before, I
think there is something missing re KDE. While twinkle is very nice, I
don't want to install a lot packages of KDE, when using XFCE.

Ekiga behaves strange too, as well as linphone. In some situations only
1 person hears audio, while video works in both direction. With Mifi
(mobile WLAN-router using UMTS) outgoing calls are ok, but incoming
don't ring, with UMTS and DSL it works in both directions.

That is why I ask, which VoIP apps you use without problems with XFCE?


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