Mailwatch logfile and log status icon

Joce Etienne Joce at
Thu Feb 17 13:22:56 CET 2011

Sorry about the missing subject for the previous e-mail.

Dear all

Mailwatch plugin is doing a great job for me. The log status icon (the
small "no entry" icon on top of the normal icon, meaning that there's some
log to check) is quite useful : it may explain why you're not getting
any mail...

However, this icon is not of practical use anymore when there's been an
access problem 1h ago followed by a dozen of successful e-mail polling.
I have been willing to write a script that'd automatically touch the
logfile every now and then if it hasn't changed for more than 30 minutes
say -- but was unable to find where on Earth (and more precisely where
on my computer) this file is stored.

So: where does mailwatch store its logfile ?
Alternatively: I request a feature that mail status icon is removed if
newer mail checks are successful.

best regards

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