Xfce Foundation - Board of Directors Meeting - 2011-02-10, 20:00 CET

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at xfce.org
Thu Feb 10 21:57:30 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

earlier than we had originally, planned we had a board meeting today in
order to decide about initial administrative issues. Here are the
meeting minutes for your information:


  Jannis Pohlmann, Jérôme Guelfucci, Nick Schermer

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Foundation Website / Wiki

    * The Foundation's website will be hosted on
    * It will be powered by dokuwiki
    * Nick is going to look into setting up a wiki farm for our
      different wikis
    * Nick agreed to set up the website
    * The entire content will be public, but only the board will have
      edit/create permissions
    * A link to the Foundation website will be hooked up with the
      website banner we have on all our websites

  2. Foundation Mailing Lists

    * The Foundation's official mailing list will be
      xfce-foundation at xfce.org
    * It will be public, everyone will be able to subscribe
    * A mail has already been sent to the mail server administrator to
      set it up
    * There will be no private list for the Board of Directors

  3. Foundation Email Address

    * The Foundation's official email address will be
      foundation at xfce.org
    * It will be set up as a forward address to the individual
      addresses of the Board members
    * A mail has already been sent to the mail server administrator to
      set it up

  4. PayPal Account

    * A PayPal account for foundation at xfce.org will be created
    * For this we will have to wait until the email address is set up
    * Jérôme agreed to check whether we can create the PayPal account
      without a real bank account already
    * Jannis agreed to check whether we can create a bank account on
      behalf of the organization even before the registration 
    * Jannis will also evaluate different bank account options
      (criteria are worldwide access, the availability of internet
      banking and positive interest rates)
    * Jérôme will check if there is a PayPal subscription feature for
      monthly donations that we can use

  5. IRC Channels

    * The Foundation's official IRC channel will be #xfce-foundation on
    * This channel will be public so that people interested in the
      Foundation can join
    * There will be a private #xfce-foundation-board channel for the
      Board of Directors
    * Jérôme agreed to set up and configure these channels 
    * This setup may have to be adjusted for the general assembly, in
      what way remains undecided

  6. Git Repository for Official Documents

    * There will be a Git repository for official Foundation documents
      on http://git.xfce.org/foundation/documents.git
    * Nick agreed to create the repository and give the new
      "xfce-foundation" group write permissions
    * All Board members will be added to this group
    * Jannis agreed to import the required documents from the gitorious
      repository once our own repository has been set up

  7. Translation of Official Documents

    * Jannis agreed to create an English version of the Articles of
      Association (Satzung)
    * Jannis will upload both versions to the Foundation website as a
      PDF and in HTML / Wiki markup
    * There will be a statement that only the German version is legally

  8. Bookkeeping / Financials

    * A Git repository accessible only by Board members will be created
      for this 
    * Nick agreed to set up the repository
    * We will probably use private spreadsheets to keep track of
      donations, plus a folder with all the receipts
    * The annual reports will be public and uploaded to the Foundation
      documents repository and website
    * Jannis agreed to check with the tax office about what needs to be
      included in the bookkeeping
    * Jannis also agreed to look into preparing a receipt template
      (based on the one from KDE perhaps)

  9. Registration as an e.V.

    * Jannis will make a few phone calls with the local court and a
      notary to check what exactly they need for the registration with
      two Board members living outside Germany
    * Jannis agreed to keep the Foundation members posted about the

  10. Administrative Questions

    * Jannis is going to ask the people from KDE e.V. about what
      decisions need to be made in meetings and whatc can be decided
      without one
    * He also agreed to ask them about the business document
      (Geschäftsordnung) that the Board needs to create

That's it. We'll keep you posted about everything!

  - Jannis

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