Small bit of functionality lost in 4.8 upgrade?

David Rosenstrauch darose at
Wed Feb 9 18:17:05 CET 2011

On 02/09/2011 12:07 PM, Nick Schermer wrote:
> It's being worked on but for me not a priority issue (mostly because I
> think you should use workspaces if you want to group windows).

Not sure what you mean about grouping windows.  I don't think that's 
what I'm doing.  I just like prefer to have my task bar buttons in a 
particular order.  I tend to open the same apps each day, and it makes 
me more efficient if I know, for example, that the open browser button 
is always on the left, and the IDE/editor button is always towards the 
right.  Otherwise I wind up having to hunt around for them which wastes 

> The
> solution will be another sort option that acts like timetamp storting
> but with dnd.

That sounds perfect!  Looking forward to it!

Thanks much for getting back to me about this Nick.


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