Crashes with 4.8.x

Robby Workman rw at
Sat Feb 5 16:23:22 CET 2011

On Sat, 5 Feb 2011 07:08:22 -0800
john at wrote:

> Machine is x86_64 (older 2 core processor)
> Distro is Slackware 13.1, some parts update from Slackware-current,
> and GTK and glib compiled to versions mentioned in the previous mail.
> I installed XFCE from the fat tarball from I updated the
> parts which were announced to have improved versions.

This is not an xfce problem.  You don't mix and match parts of a
stable release with parts of our development tree.  Just don't 
do it.  Really.  

> The symbol mentioned (g_desktop_app_info_lookup_get_type) was
> apparently removed from gui.types on Oct 17, by a William Jon McCann.
> Sorry I can't include the link. It's the first item that comes up
> when googling for the symbol alone. A few items lower in the google
> result, another patch appears to be removing that part.
> I'd appreciate suggestions how to continue... Hope this goes out
> correctly.

There's nothing wrong with glib, gtk, or xfce.  Those things work
fine in 13.1, where all of the versions go together.  Those things
all work fine in -current (devel tree), where the versions go 

If you'd like to restore your system to a pristine 13.1 installation,
then you might have some luck building xfce-4.8 with all of my
build scripts for it and the various deps.  Alternatively, if you'd
like to bring your system *completely* in sync with the -current
tree, then I have packages you could use.  

Packages and sources are here:
Read the NOTES file.  


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