TAB key behaviour

Bela Markus bmarkus at
Fri Feb 4 08:19:55 CET 2011

Thanks Peter

clearing <Super>Tab solved the problem.

Regards... Béla

2011.02.03. 21:39 keltezéssel, Peter Tribble írta:
> 2011/2/3 Bela Markus<bmarkus at>:
>> Hi
>> pressing the TAB key the currently selected item (for example a desktip
>> icon, a whole terminal window, etc.) gets shaded but nothing else happenes.
>> CTRL/TAB behaves as a normal TAB. What action is invoked now by TAB and how
>> can I set TAB to behave normally?
>> It is  4.8 compiled from source, running on Tiny Core with Xvesa. Using Xorg
>> it works as expected. However Tiny Core by default comes with Xvesa. This is
>> related to Xfce 4.8 other applications work normally.
> May be unrelated but I had a similar problem.
> In Xfce Settings, Window Manager, take a look at the Keyboard tab.
> What I had to clear was something bound to<Super>Tab.
> (And something was bound to<Super>p, which was even more annoying.)

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