ANNOUNCE: xfce4-notifyd 0.2.1 released

Jerome Guelfucci jeromeg at
Wed Feb 2 21:50:09 CET 2011

xfce4-notifyd 0.2.1 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 4a0de4a9e7d0870ff14859ddfd414652a605eacc
   MD5 checksum: 0a63857901809887b587c73024d1089b

What is xfce4-notifyd?

Xfce4-notifyd is a simple, visually-appealing notification daemon for
Xfce that implements the Desktop Notifications


Release notes for 0.2.1

This is a bug fix release for some nasty crashes introduced in Xfce4
Notifyd 0.2.0. Hopefully, everything should be fine now.

* Fix loading of custom icons (bug #6895).
* Fix crash introduced in 0.2.0 (bug #6929).
* Fade to transparent when screen is composited, remove the setting.
* Updated translations: Romanian, Turkish, Polish, Galician, Ukrainian,
Indonesian, English GB, German, Czech, Norwegian Bokmal and Dutch.

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