ANNOUNCE: xfce4-panel 4.9.0 released

Andrzej ndrwrdck at
Fri Dec 30 22:47:50 CET 2011

On 31/12/2011 05:32, Nick Schermer wrote:
> Yeey, first unstable release of the panel for 4.10! Most noticeable
> change is the new Deskbar mode

Some more comments on the deskbar mode.

ATM the deskbar mode is a framework + some core panel plugins adapted to 
it (applications menu, launcher, tasklist, etc). There are still plugins 
waiting for their turn, most notably the pager but also the clock, 
systray and action buttons.

It's probably the best time to start working on third-party plugins. The 
deskbar-mode API feels fairly solid now and that's the main reason we 
are including it in the release. In many cases it will be as easy as 
setting the "small" property of the plugin to "true".

The original vertical mode is somewhat buggy and/or could be improved in 
many other ways but for the time being we chose not to mess with it, so 
that people who are currently using it and like it, will continue to get 
the same experience. People who are not happy with it will likely prefer 
the deskbar mode anyway.

There are also some bugs we are aware of. For example, the DnD support 
in the panel is still a work in progress.

That's it for now. Have fun and let us know if there are any problems 
with the panel.


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