sending a window manager command?

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> I want to send a window manager command to a certain window via shell
> script.
> On Ubuntu I found:
>  Wmctrl is a command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible
>  X Window Manager (examples include Enlightenment, icewm, kwin, metacity,
>  and sawfish).
>  Wmctrl provides command line access to almost all the features defined
>  in the EWMH specification. For example it can maximize windows, make
>  them sticky, set them to be always on top. It can switch and resize
>  desktops and perform many other useful operations.
> I testet it then with:
> wmctrl -l
> wmctrl -r 0x03200024 -b toggle,fullscreen # 0x03200024 is my xterm
> But it does nothing.
> Is wmctrl not compatible with xfce?
> Is there another solution?

Wmctrl works in any environment, however i heard it's not a lovely tool.
For my part, i never needed it.

You could have a look in 'xdotool'.

My 2 cents,
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