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Le 10 déc. 2011 02:31, "Michael Orlitzky" <michael at orlitzky.com> a écrit :
> On 12/09/2011 05:05 PM, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
>> Even with a "restore defaults" button there would still be problems:
>>   * If the user doesn't know what caused a dialog to render off-screen,
>>     how would he know where to restore defaults - in the app the dialog
>>     belongs to or in Xfce?
> If he was playing around with him XFCE settings and not the app settings
the day before, when it was working, that would be a clue.
>>   * It is not up to Xfce to decide what to restore and what to keep.
>>     E.g. if soneone changes the font size to the worse and wants to
>>     revert that... why not just change the font again? How would Xfce
>>     know that the user wants to restore only the default (or previous?)
>>     font size? Really, we can't add a restore default button for every
>>     single option.
> Not one for every single setting, but one for the Appearance dialog, one
for Desktop, one for WM Tweaks...

In case it wasn't mentionned yet, you can reset settings to system defaults
by deleting the local directory ~/.config/xfce4.

Therefore instead of providing "Defaults" button here and there, it might
just simpler to provide a tool for that purpose to star from thé
applications menu.

>>   * I would bet that users would be afraid to click on "restore
>>     defaults" because they don't know "default" is a state they will be
>>     happy with. Maybe they changed 20 options in the meantime and now
>>     they are supposed to lose them all just because the font size is
>>     wrong?
> In that case, having the option is in no way worse than not having it.
>> I may sound harsh but I think implementing this idea is not worth the
>> effort given that most of our options take effect instantly. For some
>> (like keyboard shortcuts) we do have "restore defaults", and I think
>> that is enough.
> That's fine. It's your time, and I'm certainly not going to implement it.
> I just object to the arguments put forth to show that it isn't useful:
it's useful to me. And to decide that it's only useful to people who "use
their computers wrong" is a gnomey argument =)

My 2 cents,
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