"Defaults" button in every settings screen

Michael Orlitzky michael at orlitzky.com
Sat Dec 10 02:30:51 CET 2011

On 12/09/2011 05:05 PM, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> Even with a "restore defaults" button there would still be problems:
>    * If the user doesn't know what caused a dialog to render off-screen,
>      how would he know where to restore defaults - in the app the dialog
>      belongs to or in Xfce?

If he was playing around with him XFCE settings and not the app settings 
the day before, when it was working, that would be a clue.

>    * It is not up to Xfce to decide what to restore and what to keep.
>      E.g. if soneone changes the font size to the worse and wants to
>      revert that... why not just change the font again? How would Xfce
>      know that the user wants to restore only the default (or previous?)
>      font size? Really, we can't add a restore default button for every
>      single option.

Not one for every single setting, but one for the Appearance dialog, one 
for Desktop, one for WM Tweaks...

>    * I would bet that users would be afraid to click on "restore
>      defaults" because they don't know "default" is a state they will be
>      happy with. Maybe they changed 20 options in the meantime and now
>      they are supposed to lose them all just because the font size is
>      wrong?

In that case, having the option is in no way worse than not having it.

> I may sound harsh but I think implementing this idea is not worth the
> effort given that most of our options take effect instantly. For some
> (like keyboard shortcuts) we do have "restore defaults", and I think
> that is enough.

That's fine. It's your time, and I'm certainly not going to implement it.

I just object to the arguments put forth to show that it isn't useful: 
it's useful to me. And to decide that it's only useful to people who 
"use their computers wrong" is a gnomey argument =)

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