Dynamic multi monitor support

Tim Watts tw at dionic.net
Sat Apr 23 10:47:12 CEST 2011

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I'm trying to switch to XFCE - much more suitable for my tastes than the 
ever bloating gnome and KDE desktops smile

One gotcha though: This is on a laptop and I often jack a second monitor 
in at home via the displayport socket.

On Gnome, I can just run gnome-display-properties and switch the second 
monitor on and my desktop adapts to the new geometry nicely. Ditto, I 
can switch off the 2nd monitor without logging out.

XFCE works nicely if I restart X - but I cannot find a nice way to 
switch the 2nd monitor on and off whilst keeping a log in session active 
(I generally stay logged into to my laptop a week at a time).

I tried gnome-display-properties manually but it seems to have no effect 
on XFCE/Xorg - which suggests there may be a helper missing???

Any tips on whether I can do this - then my switch will be complete :-)



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