Assigning an panel icon to a program

Morten Bo Johansen mbj at
Fri Apr 15 21:15:56 CEST 2011

John Culleton <john at> wrote:

> I put the icon for the program on the bottom panel.
>  I right click on the panel. 
> I click on "Add New Items". 
> I click on "Launcher"
> I fill out the resulting window including the icon part.
> I click on OK

> The new icon appears on the right of the bottom panel. I right click 
> on it to move it where I want on the left end of the panel.

> Now when I actually use the program it appear with both text and 
> the icon in the middle part of the bottom panel.

It probably was not very clear from my posting, but I meant a
way to have the icon assigned at runtime, I am not interested
in a permanent icon in the panel.


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