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2010/3/27 Alexander Samad <alex at samad.com.au>

> Hi
> I would like to have a rotating list of images for the background. I
> know I can select a list of images, but what i would like to do is
> have them rotated on a X min period.
> Note sure if this is the right place for this
Sure it is.

You can mangage to do this through a cron job. Edit your cron table with
“crontab -e” and use the following command inside it: “xfdesktop --reload.”
The line to put inside the crontab file looks like following:

*/1 * * * * xfdesktop --reload

This reloads xfdesktop every minute and it will pick up a new image from the
list. If you prefer every 5 minutes change the line to start with */5, and
if you prefer every hour use a fixed minute value like this 0 */1 ... Have a
look at the crontab manpage, or Google a page out f.e.

I had like to mention that another way of doing it, which might need less
resources than a reload action, is to make use of some xfconf voodoo. But
you had need to make a script and use it as a cron job instead of a simple
command line. Cron doesn't know about the DBUS address (which is mandatory
for running xfconf-query), and it usually doesn't have a full PATH like you
do in your session shell, this is why all of this is done within the script.
For such a script have a look at http://snipt.org/Hnkh. Save it, make it
executable (chmod +x ...) and put it in cron like with a line like this:

*/15 * * * * ${HOME}/bin/xfdesktop-refresh.sh

> Alex

Kind Regards
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