ANNOUNCE: orage 4.7.5 released

Juha Kautto kautto.juha at
Thu Mar 4 09:29:29 CET 2010

orage 4.7.5 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 3e2cde35c21535726b0bcf13f7f484f59b0c971b
   MD5 checksum: 3880e9beb80b29b042d2d7e91ab2ccf1

What is orage?

Xfce Calendar


Release notes for 4.7.5

This is development release of Orage.

It contains all features of Orage 4.8, but is not yet compatible with
Xfce 4.8, so you can only test it with Xfce 4.6. Orage 4.8 will be
similar but compatible with Xfce 4.8. 

Major new features are:
- Even start time visible in main calendar window.
- Uses new dynamic icon everewhere (instead of only in tray icon).
- Panel plugin setup has dynamic row count (instead of fixed 3 as
- Possible to create new alarm directly from Orage alarm.
- Possible to test alarm when defining it.
- Possible to use upstream libical.
- Possible to define how many days are shown in the main calendar event
- New appointment created from main calendar defaults to selected date.
- New <&Ynnnn> parameter to mean year difference between current year
and nnnn.  This is usefull with birthday reminders.
- New timezone selection dialog. NOTE: it does not understand all the
same timezones than the previous version, which may cause compatibility
- Time adjustment mode in globaltime starts from full hour and increases
by 30 mins.
- Support for RDATE and EXDATE: Possible to add and omit individual
events for repeating appointments.
- Possible to have todos repeat based on completed time.
- Visual representation of recurring appointments.
- Support for priority.

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