ANNOUNCE: Task Manager 0.5.92 (1.0.0 beta3)

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Sun Jun 6 22:23:08 CEST 2010

Hi Andreas,

First, danke für deine Bermerkungen :-D

2010/6/6 Andreas Radke <a.radke at>:
> The memory usage calculation seems broken. It doesn't chow any used
> memory here.

What processor instructions (32bits? 64bits)? What distro? Is this for
the system usage or per processes? Both?

> And cpu bar us jumping freaky around. I think in times of multi core
> cpu system a single bar doesn't make much sense anymore. A htop view
> with bars per core + a total one would make sense for my quad here and
> the usage curve should be calculated somewhat "rounded" not with the
> current value that is jumping around.

Yes, I know about this, I don't like the bars jumping around neither.
However the bars are temporary, I'm about to switch them against
monitors for the next version. This doesn't change much the situation
as I'll start by drawing point-to-point lines and you will see the
“curve” having some freaky peaks. The solution is to use the history
to draw Bézier curves -- b-splines might even be better suited, since
the more the knots the finer the curve -- but I need to start simple
for the beginning ;-) But this doesn't change the situation either for
multiple cores, like you suggest to display separated bars, I can draw
several curves on the monitor. However this is not possible currently,
the task-manager class doesn't poll the cpu usage of the system per
cores and this means each OS implementation needs to be updated. I'm
keeping this postponed.

> -Andy


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