ANNOUNCE: tumbler 0.1.2 released

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Fri Jul 16 17:16:30 CEST 2010

tumbler 0.1.2 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: c8b9807e16057d79a873b3b9d7cf838dae52c386
   MD5 checksum: b115449bbf8e542531f8e34dc5e96901

What is tumbler?

Tumbler is a D-Bus service for applications to request thumbnails for
various URI schemes and MIME types. It is an implementation of the
thumbnail management D-Bus specification described on

written in an object-oriented fashion using GLib and GObject. Its
modular architecture makes it very flexible and useful in many
situations. It provides plugin interfaces for extending the URI schemes
and MIME types for which thumbnails can be generated as well as
for replacing the storage backend that is used to store the thumbnails
on disk. Tumbler's functionality can also be extended via specialized
thumbnailer services implemented in accordance to the thumbnail
management D-Bus specification.

Tumbler is used in Thunar, Xfce and is currently being prepared for
Maemo 6.


Release notes for 0.1.2

This is another unstable release of tumbler, an implementation of the
thumbnail management D-Bus specification. Changes since the previous
release (0.1.1):

A S  Alam (1):
      l10n: Punjabi Translation Added

Aleksandr Ponomarenko (1):
      l10n: Russian translation created

Ardjuna (2):
      l10n: First commit for Indonesian translation
      l10n: Updated Indonesian (id) translation to 100%

Bauzhan Muftakhidinov (1):
      l10n: New translation into Kazakh language

Cheng-Chia Tseng (1):
      l10n: Updates to traditional Chinese translation

Cristian Marchi (1):
      l10n: New Italian translation for tumbler

Danishka Navin (1):
      l10n: Added Sinhala (si) translation

Dmitry Nikitin (2):
      l10n: Create Ukrainian translations for tumbler
      l10n: Updated Ukrainian (uk) translation to 40%

Gheyret Kenji (2):
      l10n: Uyghur translation
      l10n: Updates to Uyghur translation

Harald Servat (1):
      l10n: Updates to Catalan (Valencian) (ca) translation

Jamil Ahmed (1):
      l10n: Bengali Translation.

Jannis Pohlmann (9):
      Avoid compiler warning due to global name shadowing.
      Update INSTALL file.
      GStrv is a boxed type, fix marshallers.
      Visit thumbnailers only once when updating the supported
      Improve the code quality and consistency of the last commit.
      Allow TumblerFileInfos to be created with empty URIs/MIME types.
      Add video/ogg to the MIME types supported by the ffmpeg
      Add poppler-based PDF/PS thumbnailer plugin. New error code
      Release 0.1.2!

Jari Rahkonen (1):
      l10n: Initial Finnish translation

Leandro Regueiro (2):
      l10n: Updated Galician (gl) translation to 87%
      l10n: Updated Galician (gl) translation to 100%

Lionel Le Folgoc (1):
      Add a video thumbnailer (using libffmpegthumbnailer).

Masato Hashimoto (1):
      l10n: Updates to Japanese (ja) translation

Per Kongstad (1):
      l10n: Updates to Danish (da) translation

Philip Van Hoof (1):
      Don't use dbus_connection_send from the threads, using g_idle_add

Piarres Beobide (2):
      l10n: Initial Basque (eu) translation
      l10n: Updated Basque (eu) translation to 100%

Sergio Marques (1):
      l10n: Updates to Portuguese (pt) translation

Xu Meihong (1):
      l10n: Updated Chinese (China) (zh_CN) translation to 100%

Yarema aka Knedlyk (3):
      l10n: Updated Ukrainian (uk) translation to 60%
      l10n: Updated Ukrainian (uk) translation to 80%
      l10n: Updated Ukrainian (uk) translation to 100%

douart patrick (1):
      l10n: Updated French (fr) translation to 77%

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