ANNOUNCE: ristretto 0.0.91 released

Stephan Arts stephan at
Mon Jul 12 23:33:12 CEST 2010

ristretto 0.0.91 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 753723d0a2a844980cab0ba3d226ede6b2ceab91
   MD5 checksum: 1df541b920f044ac9f3731b2a0fe02d1

What is ristretto?

Ristretto is an image-viewer for the xfce desktop environment.


Release notes for 0.0.91

This is a development-release of ristretto. It comes with several
improvements to the user-interface and several changes like the

- Remove dependency on thunar
- Port to GIO instead of thunarvfs
- Add option to select maximum render quality (can improve performance
at the
  cost of image-quality)
- Store the settings in xfconf
- Add option to completely disable the image-cache
- Use dbus-thumbnailing spec to generate thumbnails - (requires a
thumbnailer like tumbler)
- Add buttons to delete the image from disk
- Restyle the toolbars to make room for more usefull options
- Save position and size of thumbnail-bar

This is a development release, it can (and probably will) have bugs.

Have fun!


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