Possible to Use Orage on Remote Systems?

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Wed Feb 10 17:32:31 CET 2010

On 10/02/2010 15:14, Snood wrote:
>  Orage 4.6.1
> Debian Squeeze with Xfce (No other DE installed.)
> I'm trying to set up and use Orage on a couple of remote systems. I
> establish an X session via SSH on them, but if I now type "orage &" in
> the terminal window for the remote session, the instance of Orage
> running on my local system pops up.
> Thinking that the application might not like having two instances of
> itself in the local notification tray, I tried turning its notification
> tray feature off -- locally and remotely (actually went to the remote
> machine). It didn't help. If I try to start orage in a remote terminal,
> the local orage application always comes up. If I completely quit the
> local Orage instance and try again in the remote terminal, the same
> thing happens. The local instance of Orage starts.
> First time I've ever seen something like this. I do use other apps like
> keepassx that run on remote systems and use the local notification tray
> without any issues. I can't figure out how the local instance of Orage
> "knows" to crank itself up when I'm typing a command in a terminal
> window of a session on a remote system.
> I'm new to Orage, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Looked in
> file:///home/user/.config/orage/oragerc and didn't see and under the usr
> location and just didn't see anything at all that I thought could affect
> this.
> I'm new enough to Orage that I think it'd be presumptuous of me to
> consider this a bug. Would someone clue me in?
You might want to check the DISPLAY and other environment variables
(like, if you ssh with -X). I guess the process is waken by dbus but I'm
not that sure.


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