ANNOUNCE: xfconf 4.7.1 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Mon Feb 1 19:47:10 CET 2010

xfconf 4.7.1 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 9828c1c667402cf73a5a3cbe975cd2b14f1eac1e
   MD5 checksum: 1114669fe88213985b571c73386d5fc8

What is xfconf?

Xfconf is a flexible, easy-to-use configuration management system.


Release notes for 4.7.1

This is a development release leading up to xfconf 4.8.0.

Denis Koryavov (1):
     l10n: Updated Russian (ru) translation to 100%

Jari Rahkonen (1):
     l10n: Updated Finnish (fi) translation to 100%

Leandro Regueiro (1):
     l10n: Updated Galician (gl) translation to 100%

Nick Schermer (13):
     Post release tag bump.
     Fix ansi compiler warning.
     Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
     Remove dangling nodes from the tree after a recursive remove.
     Bump glib dependency to 2.18.
     Use a seconds timeout to reduce system wakeups.
     Fix indentation from previous commit.
     Only print debug messages when compiled with debugging.
     Merge xml files in reversed order (bug #6079).
     Make the comment from the previous commit useful.
     Use g_strcmp0 for comparing strings.
     Silent the build.
     Updates for release.

Og Maciel (1):
     l10n: Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR) translation to 100%

Timo Verbeek (1):
     l10n: Updated Dutch (Flemish) (nl) translation to 96%

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