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Ernesto Acosta elav at
Sat Dec 18 14:47:05 CET 2010

Good morning to all users of the list:
If I may, I would think about something and I want to clarify some 
doubts I have about it.

First of all, I am aware that Xfce each developer must have its 
scheduled time, and now with the upcoming release of Xfce 4.8 in 
January, I imagine they are all concentrated in this work.

I appreciate the time and effort Xfce developers to devote to this 
excellent desktop environment, especially because I am of those users 
who unfortunately have to sit and wait to release their products, and I 
can not work with them because I have no programming skills.

As I said, do not pretend to manage time for everyone, but it good that 
at least someone with more knowledge and resources to users like me, 
spend 5 minutes of your time to do two fundamental things I believe:

1 - Create a detailed and how to make one. Run for Xfce 4.8, if that 
were possible in the Wiki.

2 - Create a. Run for Xfce 4.8 When this is released completely and 
upload to any FTP site.

I think this is important and I explain why.

1 - For users like me who use Debian, it would be easier and faster to 
install it that way, to expect that come the binary packages in the 

2 - If a developer can not or do not have time to create a. Run and 
upload to any FTP site, have a detailed How To on the wiki, allow at 
least users like me, we tried to create our own. Run .

3 - There will be many disgruntled users will find the alternative to 
perfect Xfce to Gnome-Shell.

Right now I'm dying to build Xfce 4.8pre, and make a. Run, as it did 
with Xfce 4.6 but do not know how. That is why I refer to you with these 
questions ..

There is a possibility that they may take this into account I say?

Excuse my bad English.

Greetings and Merry Christmas to all.
Saludos: *Ernesto Acosta*
/Linux Registered User:/ *3468707*

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