xfce4-session not restoring position. Bug or can I run KDE's session manager?

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Sun Dec 5 02:55:05 CET 2010

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I've been trying to use XFCE for a bit now and the big thing that I'm
having problems with is that it the session manager doesn't restore the
position of xterm or chromium.  I've dug into xterm and it seems to support
X11R6 session manager hooks, and it definitely works in KDE, but I'll admit
that even after spending an afternoon digging through X11R6 session manager
documentation, xterm source, XSMP, and xfce4-session, I'm still feeling
kind of like I'm in the dark here...

The behavior I'm seeing is that when I leave XFCE and come back in, it
restarts the xterms, but they all appear based on new window placement (in
my case, all in the middle of the first workspace).  Ditto for Chromium.

One thought I had was perhaps I could use the KDE session manager, since it
seems to work for me.

I've tried using an alternative terminal, but they all seem to have no way
to disable the "screen switching" ti/te termcap code, which I just can't
live with.  xfce's terminal additionally doesn't allow me to individually
change the foreground of different terminals, and I use the foreground
color being different on different workspaces to help me retain context ("I
was working on amber, so to get back to where I was it's Ctl-F2, green is

I've tried some alternatives, but none of them are really workable for
me...  I've tried changing my termcap entry to a custom "xterm-notite" that
has those entries removed.  But I manage hundreds of servers across nearly
that many administrative domains, installing a custom terminfo on all of
them is not really reasonable.  I've tried switching my TERM to vt100, and
that gets rid of the alternate screen, but it also gets rid of colors, and
I make use of syntax highlighting for editing DNS zone files and the

If anyone has any thoughts on how to deal with this in XFCE, I'd really
appreciate it.

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