Using Xfce Launcher

Stefan Stuhr xfceuserslist at
Mon Aug 16 13:05:35 CEST 2010

2010/8/16 Derick Centeno <aguilarojo at>:
> Background:
> One of the useful ways to make an application available within the xfce
> application panel is by means of the Launcher where one sets up the
> name, icon and call/boot sequence to initiate that application once it
> has been selected.  This shortcut is more useful than searching for the
> same app by selecting it through searching through several menus.
> Problem:
> The call/boot sequence to be executed within the Command field within
> the Launcher: /usr/bin/aiksaurus, is completely ignored.  I even
> tried /usr/bin/./aiksaurus to no avail.
> Ideas would be appreciated...

aiksaurus is a command-line application. gaiksaurus, on the other
hand, is a GTK+ graphical interface to aiksaurus. It is likely
gaiksaurus you want to launch.


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