connman plugin needed(Was: XFCE-counterpart of KDE-Networkmanager)

Auke Kok auke at
Fri Aug 6 06:18:54 CEST 2010

On 08/04/10 23:51, Mike Massonnet wrote:
> 2010/8/5 Auke Kok<sofar at>:
>> I personally can't believe nobody has written an xfce gui frontend for
>> connman yet.
>> connman fits the typical usage models where Xfce as a desktop makes sense
>> and a lot of distro's that would package Xfce would totally be benefitted by
>> having some integration with connman, just like Moblin/MeeGo currently has.
>> so, this is a personal call out from me (as MeeGo developer who maintains
>> the xfce4 packages for MeeGo) to the Xfce community to get a connman UI
>> frontend for Xfce4 developed.
>> Anyone interested?
>> This is an excellent starter project. Connman has an extensive dbus API that
>> is well documented and has plenty of good examples and test cases (even in
>> python) available to make something simple and get it working quickly. I can
>> potentially assist if people are interested in taking this up.
> The gconnman client library has been changing a lot during the Moblin
> days, I wonder if it can be considered stable now -- e.g. it won't
> change again in few months. Afaict, gnome-connman (what it was called)
> depended on it, but than it began to be unmaintained, and trying to
> fix it was a horror. Actually, did this lib go anywhere (probably a
> stupid question)? From a quick look I can find it on[1]
> in the category "deprecated" (commits stalled around July 2009).

this client is very stale and was an initial client prototype that 
probably should just be ignored...

> [1]
> Looking at the connman source[2], shall clients only work with the
> DBus API? Can it work already with GDBus/GVariant? Is the
> documentation provided with --enable-gtk-doc complete? The doc/[3]
> directory looks indeed very well!

can't give an answer to this right now, but we can look into that.

> [2]
> [3]
> I'm also wondering why nobody wouldn't write a client for connman now.
> One can always look at carrick, although I fail to find the git
> repository, to get an idea of a well-done client.

it's called carrick-ng now. I wouldn't be surprised if in the long run 
carrick-ng moves over to the meego gitorious space.


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