something strange about xfce4 terminal(0.4.4)

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Thu Apr 29 14:18:40 CEST 2010

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> mm, of course i have try to modify the options via the Preferences
> option but it is also useless


If the system you are working on is your work environment, perhaps
you could request that the modifications you prefer (here the
terminal config file together with other config files you rely upon)
be stored on a partition within a server which you access which will
be accessible for your use but free of the updates/modifications you
are complaining about.

If that is not your situation, perhaps you need to always prepare for
a strategy where you back up your entire home directory, off load it
somewhere else, let the updates occur then reinstall your backup.
Overkill maybe, but you keep what you like to work with.

Another option you may already be aware of is to select the Preferred
Applications module within the XFCE Settings Manger then select the
Utilities tab. Choose a different terminal to use there.

Good luck...

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