ANNOUNCE: xfce4-notes-plugin 1.7.1 released

Mike Massonnet mike.massonnet at
Thu Sep 3 11:21:31 CEST 2009

xfce4-notes-plugin 1.7.1 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 935bff680c478fe5135b6df69f05ce3d2727b435
   MD5 checksum: c6d27d8c566fbd98a14bd59273da0adf

What is xfce4-notes-plugin?

Xfce4 Notes Plugin provides a quick way to paste text, to write down a
list of things, to leave a note to a friend, or whatever is common to do
with Post-It’s.


Release notes for 1.7.1

- Show tabs option is back in the settings dialog
- Deleting the last note also deletes the window (bug #5535)
- Rework window default visiblity                           
- Keep order of notes (bug #5534)                           
- Updated translations: Danish, Basque, Urdu, Catalan, Turkish, 
  Japanese, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Asturian, Romanian, 
  Portuguese, Spanish


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