Auto-mounting external USB drive at login

Bernt Hansson bernt at
Sat May 30 04:38:18 CEST 2009

AG said the following on 2009-05-29 21:54:
> Hello
> Perhaps I am being dense, but I just am seeing where to configure a 
> start up routine that will auto mount my music collection, which is on 
> an external USB drive.  Can someone please give me a steer.  It would 
> help reduce a 3-step to a 1-step process.
> Thank you for any suggested courses of action.
> AGFSTAB(5)                  FreeBSD File Formats Manual                 FSTAB(5)

      fstab -- static information about the file systems

      #include <fstab.h>

      The file fstab contains descriptive information about the various file
      systems.  fstab is only read by programs, and not written; it is 
the duty
      of the system administrator to properly create and maintain this file.
      Each file system is described on a separate line; fields on each 
line are
      separated by tabs or spaces.  The order of records in fstab is 
      because fsck(8), mount(8), and umount(8) sequentially iterate through
      fstab doing their thing.

      The first field, (fs_spec), describes the special device or remote 
      system to be mounted.

      The second field, (fs_file), describes the mount point for the 
file sys-
      tem.  For swap partitions, this field should be specified as ``none''.

      The third field, (fs_vfstype), describes the type of the file system.
      The system can support various file system types.  Only the root, 
      and /tmp file systems need be statically compiled into the kernel; 
      thing else will be automatically loaded at mount time. 
(Exception: the
      UFS family - FFS and LFS cannot currently be demand-loaded.)  Some 
      still prefer to statically compile other file systems as well.

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