Prevent Xfce from darwing desktop background

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Thu May 14 08:38:59 CEST 2009

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 02:13:02PM -0700, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> andreas at wrote:
> Well, if it worked with 4.4, I don't really know why it doesn't work  
> now.  4.6 did not see many (any?) changes with the icon view.

The icon view is the same but XFCE is not only drawing icons but also
an optional image r background color.  In version 4.4 there was an option
like "Xfce handles the desktop" (well I just have German locale so
this is not the exact string - it was right on top of the desktop
settings).  If you unset this option the remaining settings for images
etc became grayed out so you were not able to set any background image
or color ... and xplaned took over rendering of the background.

> Unless  
> the double buffering of the desktop window broke something... not sure  
> how, though.

I have no idea about double buffering ...

> Then again, I'm not sure why this doesn't work.  If you disable desktop  
> icons, the model is exactly the same.  Do you have a background image  
> set in desktop preferences?  If so, turn that off.

This does *not* help.  I just turned this off.  There is also the
color option which lets me choose between "one color", "horizontal/vertical
shading" and "transparent".  I just want "none of the above" if transparent
is something else than the option I used in 4.4.

> Are you telling xplanet to draw to xfdesktop's window?  If not, why not?  
>  If not, I don't see how it ever worked in 4.4.

I have no ideao how I could tell this.  As I told you above: There was
an option right on top of the desktop settings which was my perference
and this vanished in 4.6.  I just would like to see this back.

> Well, how often does it change?  It really doesn't matter one bit; you  
> can automate the entire thing.

Well, if I'm forced to start investigating how to work around a feature
that is missing in a new version which was perfectly available in the
old version I would save my time and tag the old xfce version on hold on
my Debian machine.  That's no big deal. 

> Feel free to open a feature request on bugzilla; I may or may not get to  
> it.  Someone else is free to write a patch, too, of course ^_~.

I can do this but I just want to make sure that you *really* understood
what my problem is because this does not seem tp be the case regarding
the questions you asked above.  Perhaps just an option id simply lacking
from the configuration menu but nobody noticed before.  I even would
be fine to tweak the resulting config files if I would know what the
option might be.

Kind regards



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