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Because we learned how to do it myself. The information in the Wiki is
good, but lacks details. Try to contribute something to the article in
the Wiki.

I wrote a tutorial on it, in Spanish.

> Ernesto Acosta Valdés wrote:
> > Well since there's no need to worry about. I got it as the process
> > to construct the run of Xfce 4.6.1. Anyway, I still think that the
> > tutorial, or better said, the explanation given in the Xfce wiki is
> > not very well explained, or at least not for a normal user.
> It's not intended that "normal users" build the installer from
> scratch. Those instructions are mainly there for the release manager
> because it's easy to forget how to build the installer.
> If someone wants to figure out how to do it and make the docs for
> that easier to read, they can feel free.  It's a wiki, and anyone can
> edit it.
> 	-brian
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