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Greetings list:
Does anyone know if the steps to create the run Xfce that are in the
wiki are valid? So Do not miss anything? If so. Anybody could explain
better, step by step?

Is that there are things you do not understand or at least is not well
explained. If we add to this that I do not speak English, but Spanish,
everything is a mess.

Perhaps it is that I am not a developer, but for example, on the site
the first thing you get is this:

>This is the core of the installer.
>svn co
>installit cd installit ./
.sudo make install
>cd ..

>Xfce Config

>svn co
>xfce44-installer cd xfce44-installer

>Update the version number and whatever else you want in xfce44.xml, the
>configuration file for the installer.

But not to understand that. What to do with that? Where to put it
there? Should I download this?

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