Lost my panel logging out

AG computing.account at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 4 09:05:04 CEST 2009

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> AG wrote:
>> Hi list
>> On Debian Squeeze, running Xfce4 4.6.1, after I logged out of one 
>> session and came back in later there was no panel.  This is the main 
>> panel with the default system tray and launch icons, clock, etc.  I 
>> can get the panel running by calling
>> xfce4-panel &
>> but I want a more satisfcatory solution than this short-cut 
>> expediency.  Can someone please give me a steer for where I am 
>> supposed to track down this option, because the Settings Manager's 
>> panel menu item doesn't respond to mouse clicks, and I am unfamiliar 
>> with Xfce4's config files and don't want to mess something up.
>> Thanks for any pointers where to look/ what to look for.
> http://wiki.xfce.org/faq#applications
> First question/answer.
>     -b
Thanks for the steer Brian.

Trouble is, when logging out the system hangs and doesn't log out, so it 
is difficult to know whether or not anything gets saved.  Hence, as 
noted, when I log back in again, the panel is gone because the settings 
don't get saved.  The message when logging out is something like (going 
on memory) the session manager needs to close.  There may well be two 
issues here of course, but I was thinking that there may well be a 
config file that I could either enter the xfce4-panel instruction (or 
uncomment it if it has - somehow - been commented.

So, my query was more than how do I restart the panel once it has died.  
It was about making it stick so it comes back next time I log in.  
However, I should've mentioned the thing about the desktop or session 
manager not shutting down properly which seems to by-pass the saving 
session on logout (which I already have enabled).



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