ANN: xfburn 0.4.2 released

David Mohr squisher at
Fri Jul 24 17:16:57 CEST 2009

xfburn 0.4.2 released
07/23/2009 11:55 PM

Hi everyone,
I'm pleased to announce a new xfburn release. Version 0.4.2 fixes a
number of bugs, mainly for audio CD, drag and drop, and file browser
issues. Additionally, to restore the balance of all things, some
internals were rewritten. As always, please report any bugs, and thanks
to all the translators.

Happy burning!

Detailed changes:
- Internal updates in preparation for better handling of disc detection
- Handle drag and drop of filenames with spaces from thunar
  (closes #4992)
- Insert dragged file dropped on top of another file instead of
  crashing (closes #5299)
- Properly detect the available space on an audio CD (closes #5302)
- Track ownership of tracks in compositions correctly (closes #5303)
- Resample audio files with gstreamer if necessary (closes #5304)
- Show symbolic links in the file browser (closes #5430)
- Implement the "show hidden files" option (closes #5500)

xfburn 0.4.2 is now available for download as


 SHA1 checksum: dbc1731b8c690b0b29d3567b8e1cd93646b0c7e7
  MD5 checksum: 67533208e2f487bdf6c779cfedae809d


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