Classifications and bug moving in

Stephan Arts stephan at
Wed Jul 15 09:16:07 CEST 2009

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 10:36 PM, Nick Schermer<nickschermer at> wrote:
> The next few days I'm going to move all the Xfce bugs in to their own
> product and setup classification. The classification layout will match
> the layout we're going to use in GIT and the releases, so this will be
> a step closer for a more organized project structure. It will also
> allow independent version numbers for for example all the goodies,
> which is something the maintainers are complaining about.
> This means a lot of bugs will be moved around these days, so to keep
> your inbox clean I'll disable bug-mail from time to time. I'll
> announce it when bug-mail is disabled, so in these moments I'd
> appreciate it if you don't report or change bugs (for your own goods,
> because nobody will know about your changes).

Nick, I am having doubts that libxfcegui4 should be in archive.

We are going to deprecate it, but it is still part of our latest stable release.
IMO it makes no sense to put it in archive at this point, at least not
before we released 4.8.0.


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