Where is Xfce 4.6(.1)'s documentation?

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On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 1:22 AM, Russell Dickenson <
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> It seems that Xfce's documentation lags far behind the releases.  When
> I click on the "Documentation" tab the web page tells me that 4.6's
> documentation is not yet available and directs me to 4.2's
> documentation.  This makes me curious as to what happened to 4.4's
> documentation.
> Is 4.6's documentation underway?  As an Xfce user for some time, I'd
> be willing to help with the documentation, although I'm not yet sure
> just how or where.
> I apologise if this is a regular topic and I've simply missed it.

Jim Campbell is hard at work organizing this, it is being discussed at the
xfce4-dev mailinglist [1] in the thread "Xfce documentation note (kind of
long)" [2]. You will want to subscribe there and/or contact Jim directly to
see how you can help.
[1] http://foo-projects.org/mailman/listinfo/xfce4-dev

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