ANN: xfce4-notes-plugin version 1.6.4 released

mike.massonnet at mike.massonnet at
Sat Feb 28 19:08:26 CET 2009


I just released a new version of the Xfce notes plugin 1.6.4. Now that
Xfce 4.6 is released, most of you will be able to build the Settings
dialog (right click the plugin > Properties). In fact it has been
dropped since the beginning of the 1.6.0 version in favour of using Xfconf.

Here is the updated NEWS entry:

- Resize handle all around the window
- Resize cursors display at the bottom of the window
- Clean up the settings dialog and the window menu
- New settings: background color and show tabs
- Renamed option Hide Tabs to Show Tabs
- Remember the last tab on quit
- New translations: Italian, Swedish, Turkish
- Updated translations: Czech, Danish, Finish, French, Galician,
Japanese, Polish

Happy Post-It's!

Download this release:


Project website:

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