Disabled XFCE Session Manager, now can't login

Jay Mistry jaylinux53 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 12:13:07 CET 2009

>> >> > If you see the splash screen, then the session manager is already enabled.
>> >> >  Something's causing it to quit.  You'll want to look at console output.
>> >> >  Try logging in directly to a virtual console (not through GDM or some other
>> >> > display manager) and running 'startxfce4' from the command line.  That might
>> >> > help you figure out what's going wrong.
>> >> >
>> >> >        -brian
>> >>
>> >> I logged in as a regular user at RL 3 from grub boot menu. After
>> >> entering 'startxfce4', the same thing happened as earlier. The XFCE
>> >> Splash Screen (with mouse) appeared and there was a display at the
>> >> bottom of the same stating what modules were loading. The XFCE desktop
>> >> came on very briefly for about a second before crashing, after the HP
>> >> SysTRay load message. After this, it went back to console-view and
>> >> displayed about 20 lines of Error Message, am not sure where they
>> >> would be so unable to post them here. Looked in Yast -> System Log,
>> >> but the console error messages were not there.
>> >>
>> > How about looking in ~/.xsession-errors in a console session, that
>> > might well give you a clue.
>> AFAIK ~/.xsession-errors is a Debian-based distro thing only, and also
>> only works when using a display manager like gdm.
> I'm sure I used to look in ~/.xsession-errors when I ran Slackware and
> on our Solaris boxes at work.  A quick Google suggests that it does
> get written in just about every distribution, I spotted Mandrake,
> Fedora and Suse at least.
> You're probably right about it being set up by the display manager
> though but I thought from the thread that the OP was running a session
> manager.  The problem was in fact that he wasn't running from a
> terminal and thus couldn't see the errors, the display manager
> redirects stdout/stderr to ~/.xsession-errors for this very reason.

I don't have a ~/.xsession-errors (or even ~/.xsession, though there
is ~/.kde4 and ~/.gnome2 - using openSUSE 11.1 & kdm3).  Is there any
other place to look in ?

Or is ti possible to re-enable the Session Manager by editing a System
File (I am quite sure that this is the cause of the problem, as that
was the only system change I made before the problem appeared).



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