Starting things from a script - or similar, how?

Chris G cl at
Sun Feb 22 20:10:41 CET 2009

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 06:39:25PM +0000, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 6:30 PM, Chris G <cl at> wrote:
> [...]
> > Being able to edit a straightforward text file to do this sort of
> > stuff is *so* much easier than filling boxes in a GUI and/or selecting
> > options when you shut down and/or start up.
> >
> > I have to say actually that the major reason that I'm using xfce now
> > is that it provides a more 'standard' ubuntu setup and I like the
> > window manager decorations.  I'm seriously hankering after the ease of
> > configuration of something like fvwm.
> You already said that.
> Well, maybe xfce is not the right choice for you and you should
> seriously consider using fvwm (or anything else)?
Yes, I know that I'm not the perfect xfce4 user!  :-)

I've been round this circle once before though, started from xfce,
went to fvwm2, now I'm back at xfce.  It's just that neither is quite

xfce - well supported by and integrated with ubuntu so that it's easy
to get things working and ask questions.  Fairly 'unix like' (more so
than Gnome or KDE).  However it's not so easy to configure in the sort
of ways I want.

fvwm - less well supported and integrated into ubuntu, getting the
'standard' ubuntu menus can be a challenge for example.  Very 'unix
like' (of course), configuration to my liking, in particular one can
start things easily in specified places on specified workspaces.

So I'm stuck half way!  :-)

Chris Green

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