Mouse Problems with 4.4.3

George De Bruin sndchaser at
Fri Feb 20 00:23:29 CET 2009

The problem is a mis-configured synaptics mouse pad.  I had it turned off in
Gnome, but anything else that had it turned on would encounter the issue.
I've turned it off now (after having  to dig around on how to do this with
the newer HAL implementation in Intrepid).

If someone was up to writing an XFCE config tool for Synaptics devices, I am
sure it would be appreciated.  (Alas, I understand that there are always
more things to do than there are people/resources available to do them...)


On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 10:21 PM, Bob Snyder <bob.snyder at> wrote:

> George De Bruin wrote:
>> Cancel this...I just encountered the same problem in TWM (it just took
>> several hours for it to happen instead of minutes).  Obviously at this point
>> it's an xorg config issue.
>> George
>> On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 9:56 PM, George De Bruin <sndchaser at<mailto:
>> sndchaser at>> wrote:
>>    I have encountered issues with XFCE 4.4.3 (and 4.4.2) on an Ubuntu
>>    8.10.  I am having problems with the mouse.  After as little as a
>>    minute or two, or sometimes as long as 10-15 minutes after
>>    starting an XFCE session, the mouse starts going nuts.  It's
>>    acting like the right mouse button is being clicked repeatedly,
>>    fast enough for the desktop to act as if the button is being
>>    double-clicked part of the time.
>>    The thing about this is that it only happens in XFCE.  I have both
>>    Gnome and TWM installed on the system, and neither of them show
>>    the same issue.
>>    I am not finding any messages in the logs, or in the session
>>    errors, etc. that might lead me to any clues as to why this is
>>    happening.
>>    Has anyone encountered anything like this before?  Is it something
>>    that might be specific to Ubuntu builds of XFCE (4.4.3 is
>>    installed from the backports, 4.4.2 was the official packages).  I
>>    normally like to think that I might have a clue about how to
>>    diagnose this issue, but at this point I am somewhat at a loss.
>>    George
> Sounds more like a broken mouse. Have you tried it with another one?
> Bob S.
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