xfdesktop2 or xfdesktop-acer source

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Thu Feb 12 14:49:46 CET 2009

On mer, 2009-02-11 at 20:45 +0100, Grant Williamson wrote:
> One of Limpus hacks is against xfdesktop so that it will display a 
> themed tabbed icon environment on the screen.
> Like this :-
> http://www.thecodingstudio.com/opensource/linux/screenshots/index.php?linux_distribution_sm=Linpus%209hey 
> .4%20Lite
> (they do not post the source code just the binary)
> I am wondering if anyone on this list have an alternative method so I 
> can customize xfce on fedora 10 to achieve the same result.

When looking at that fake srpm. there are multiple things. The
xfdesktop2 binary, which is *not* the binary produced by xfdesktop 4.4.2
+ patch they are shipping along (in xfdesktop-4.4.2.src.rpm), and stuff
in /etc/xdg/xfce4/ and /usr/share. Basically it seems that they are
using launchers, with large icons to render the way it looks on an
Aspire One. Looking at format.txt and group-apps.xml in /etc can really
help to understand what they are doing. And basically it doesn't looks

And sure, xfdesktop-4.4.2, even with the only patch
(xfdesktop-no-settings.patch) can't use the format.txt stuff. While the
xfdesktop2 binary sure can:

corsac at miria: md5sum xfdesktop2
a20bdecd6f997fcf60493409a6ee3474  xfdesktop2
corsac at miria: strings xfdesktop2|grep format.txt

Basically, as they are providing a binary under GPL licence (looking at
the symbol table would be enough to say that's it's indeed a
modification of xfdesktop), they should provide the source to anybody
asking. Now You could try contacting random people at Acer, but really
we don't know how to reach…


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